HYSD-640 Digital Inkjet Printing Machine

Specification Values
Substrate Hectograph paper, copperplate paper, coated paper
Printing colors CMYK
Printing width 100 ~ 640mm
Printing precision ±0.05mm
Injet print precision Max.600x1200dpi
Printing head Industrial piezoelectric type
Printing head maintenance Auto wash
Printing ink Eco-friend water-based ink
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Cigarette Package Coding Digital Printing Machine

Specification Values
Substrate & thickness Copperplate paper, ivory board (80-300gsm)
Substrate width  400-850mm
Jet feature Imported industrial high precision piezoelectric jet
 Printing method Roll to roll, paper one time threading
 Printing precision 600-600dpi
 Printing speed 150m/min
 Ink type UV ink
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Digital Inkjet Label Printing Machine

Specification Values
Substrate PVC, PP, PE and professional label paper etc.
Substrate thickness 25-300μm
Substrate width Max.230mm
Printing colors CMYK
Printing jet feature Industrial piezoelectric type
Printing precision 600X1200dpi
Printing speed 50m/min
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