How many types of wallpaper?

Ever since the coming up in the 1950s, wallpaper has been used as the new material for in-door decoration. With the advantages of elegant, colorful patterns in different styles and its convenience in constructing, wallpaper becomes more and more popular among customers.

Wallpaper Types

1. Paper Wallcoverings
Paper wallcoverings, the so called wallpaper, refers to the kind of wallpaper that was made from special heat resistant paper by directly embossing onto its surface.
Features: matte, environmental friendly, nature looking, comfortable, amd domestic looking.

2. Vinyl Wallcoverings
A kind of wallpaper with a PVC-coat on its surface.:
2.1Paper Back Vinyl Wallcoverings:
This kind of products is the most commonly used wallpaper nowadays. Usually the paper will be coated with PVC-material, then after printing the substrate will be embossed with pressure in various textures.
Features: Fine printed, splendid textured, easily cleaned, and highly
2.2 Fabric Back Vinyl Wallcoverings:
This type of wallpaper is categorized into crossed woven back and non-woven back.

3. Textile Wallcoverings
A kind of wallpaper with a surface of textile and can be printed or embossed.
Features: visual comfort, soft, sound absorbing, breathable, and domestic looking.
3.1 Yarn wallpaper:
This kind of wallpaper has textures on its surface which are made from yarns to provide different styles and colors.
3.2 Woven wallpaper:
This kind of product contains plain-woven cover, jacquard-woven cover and non-woven cover.
3.3 Flock wallpaper:
By embedding the flock into the base paper, this product gives the surface a lint-like effect.

4. Metal wallpaper
This kind of wallpaper is made from aluminum foil, with the alternative choice of golden foil and silver foil.
Features: fireproof, waterproof, and luxurious looking.

5. Nature material wallpaper
This kind of wallpaper is woven by natural materials such as grass, rattan, bamboos, leaves etc.
Features: intimate and natural, environment friendly.
This series have following three types:
• Plant woven wallpaper
• Corkwood and bark wallpaper
• Stone and spun yarn wallpaper

6. Retarding vinyl wallpaper
This kinds of wallpaper is made from fireproofing materials such as glass fiber and asbestos fiber.
Features: fireproof, waterproof, bacteriaproof, usually applied to airports and public utility construction.

7. Special effect wallpaper
7.1 Fluorescent wallpaper:
By printing with the fluorescent agent added into the ink, this kind of wallpaper glows at night. Usually used in entertainment business.
7.2 Night-luminous wallpaper:
A kind of light-absorbed ink is used when producing. In the daytime the wallpaper absorb light and it will glow at night. Usually used in decorating rooms for children.
7.3 Fungi-proofing wallpaper:
Through the Fungi-proofing process this wallpaper restrain the growth of bacteria. This kind of wallpaper is the best choice for hospitals and wards.
7.4 Sound absorbing wallpaper:
This kind of wallpaper is made from sound absorbing materials. It can prevent echoes. Usually this type of wallpaper is applied in opera houses, concert halls and meeting rooms.
7.5 Static proofing wallpaper:
Specially used in places like labs.

8. According to the mode of production
Wallpaper could be divided into foamed wallpaper and embossed wallpaper.
8.1 Foamed wallpaper:
By producing this kind of wallpaper the textures with foaming paste is coated onto the paper or non-woven clothes by rotary screen (also the metal powder and rosin sand can be added). After this operation the substrate is sent into foaming ovens and be foamed with AC-foaming agent.
8.2 Embossed wallpaper:
Can be divided into physical embossed and chemical embossed wallpaper.
• Physical embossed wallpaper: The PVC surface of this kind of wallpaper will be softened by the heating process, then it will be pressed and formed by an engraved steel roller, and at last a cooling process.
• Chemical embossed wallpaper: With AC-Foaming agent added into the PVC-coat, this product is printed with foaming resistant ink and foamed in foaming ovens, in order to make the rugged embossing effect.

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