How to print corrugated box?

Flexographic Direct Print (Flexo)

The most commonly used printing method for corrugated products, flexographic direct printing is an economical, versatile and high-quality process. Mostly six colors plus aqueous and UV coatings are used, and image resolution between 45 and 110 lines per inch. 

Flexographic Preprint

Flexographic preprint is a cost-effective printing option for higher-volume, high-resolution packaging and displays. It differs from direct printing in that the outside liner is printed (in roll form) before it is converted into corrugated sheets. By preprinting the liner before it is converted, this process provides high-quality images, color consistency and good color saturation. Mostly, 6/8 colors plus UV coatings, and image resolution between 45 and 133 lines per inch.

Huayang CI Flexo Press for Pre Printing Corrugated Box 

Lithographic Printing (Litho)

For high-impact graphics with near photographic quality, lithographic printing is a terrific option for smaller runs where flexibility in copy is a must. This process is performed on cut sheets, which are then applied to converted corrugated blanks. It is also well suited for high-volume needs through a manufacturing process known as singleface lamination. Image resolution ranges between 45 and 200 lines per inch. 

Rotogravure Preprint (Gravure)

For high-quality images, color consistency and bright, rich color saturation, rotogravure printing is a cost-effective method for higher-volume, high-resolution packaging and displays. The outside liner is preprinted in roll form before being converted into corrugated sheets. Solvent-based, water-based, metallic inks may be used. 

Huayang Rotogravure Printing Machine for Pre Printing Corrugated Box

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