What is Micro Gravure coating?

Micro Gravure coating is a gravure roll engraved with patterns or cells to provide a specific coating volume. It is used in a reverse kiss coating method in which the roll is partially submerged in a pan of solution. The roll rotates in the opposite direction of the web, and the cells pick up the coating solution. The flexible doctor blade lightly smoothes off the excess and the precisely measured solution in the cells is then transferred to the web.
Why is Micro Gravure coating better than regular gravure?
  • The smaller diameter provides a much smaller contact area (a), which allows for an exceptionally stable bead of solution that is critical for thin, uniform and glossy coatings.
  • The larger web-to-roller distance (b) minimizes streaks and offers cleaner lines.
  • No backing roll - means no creasing, smaller contact area, prevents spillover to the other side.
  • Can coat low viscosity solutions.
  • Lightweight cylinder means faster & easier changeover.
  • Reverse coating creates shearing which results in a smoother surface.
What can Micro Gravure coating do?
  • Offers exceptional uniformity: ±2% tolerance
  • Coats 0.5 to 80 microns wet, as thin as 5 nanometers dry
  • Coats low viscosity solutions (0-1000 cP), both aqueous and solvent based
  • Coats on thin substrates such as PET, PC, PP, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, paper and fabric
What are the Applications Micro Gravure coating?
  • Optical film
  • LCD displays
  • Li-ion battery
  • Solar battery backplane
  • FPCB
  • Window film

Main contents cited from Engineering 360

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