Cinova CI Flexo Press (Aseptic Liquid Package)

Specification Values
Print colors 8 colors
Substrate 80 - 350g/㎡ Paper and the like materials
Print width 1270mm (50.0 inch)
Print repeat 370-940mm (14.5-37.0 inch)
Max print speed 400m/min (1312ft/min)
Max. unwind/rewind diameter Φ1500mm (59.0 inch)
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Heavy Duty Bag Printing & Edge Inserting Production Line

Specification Values
Print colors 4 / 4+2 / 4+4 colors
Substrate FFS and the like materials
Print width 450 - 700mm (17.7-27.5 inch)
Print repeat 370-880mm (14.5-34.6 inch)
Max print speed 150m/min (492 ft/min)
Max. unwind/rewind diameter Φ1500mm (59.0 inch)
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Booming Gear Drive CI flexo press

Specification Values
Print colors 4/6 / 8 colors
Substrate OPP, PE, PET, breathable film and the like materials
Print width 820-1260mm (32.2-49.6 inch)
Print repeat 380-850mm (14.5-33.5 inch)
Max print speed 220m/min (722ft/min)
Max. unwind/rewind diameter Φ800mm (31.5 inch)
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