Huayang Win National Top Science Award

On Nov 3rd, 2021, Huayang win the National Top Science Award. This is the first China company in printing industry attend the event in the Great Hall of the People.

This award is a full affirmation and highest commendation for Huayang in the development of packaging and printing equipment and the application of engineering technology. At the beginning of its establishment, the Huayang Printing and Coating Project has taken international leadership as the goal, and actively carried out technical cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign companies and university research institutions such as Xi’an Jiaotong University and Northwestern Polytechnical University. Now it has the largest scale and strongest R&D capability in China. Printing and coating electromechanical equipment, intelligent production line research and development center. The company relies on aerospace opto-mechanical research capabilities, design of hot air field between colors, a variety of printing and coating technologies, high-speed rollers and complex mechanism vibration stability, high-speed high-definition printing micro-pressure multi-dimensional control, solvent residue control, servo tension control, production line intelligence Intensive research in basic areas such as control to ensure that product technology is always at the leading level in the industry.

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