Flexo Orders Accumulating to Over RMB 100 Millions

By July 25th, the orders for CI flexo printing machine have accumulated to RMB 100 Millions.

Since the release of new model in last October, CINOVA has become best-seller among customers. During the Sino-Corrugated exhibition, a customer from southeast China signed a contract and ordered two Cinova CI flexo printing machines.

The newly ordered Cinova is intended for high end market with 400m/min production speed and ±0.075mm register precision. As a new milestone since first introduction flexo technology from Europe, Cinova has been integrated with 20 years technology evolution and market trend. 

For high speed, precision and stability, the central impression drum is designed and manufactured with high standard and equals with its peers from imported central drum. The mandrel for print and anilox is also upgraded in material, machining, and hot treatment.  

The electrical control system is upgraded based on mass production running parameters. The intelligent printing control is able achieve the following functions:

Drive motor torque selt-adaption
Speed self-adaption control system
Print length measuring
Print unit constant temperature control system
Automatic pressure compensation
Job memory & one key retrieval

Cinova is featured with reliable performance, precision printing control, intelligent production management, and user-friendly operation. Huayang wishes the new model Cinova will benefit our customers home and aboard.

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